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Heavy Duty Filing Boxes

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  • Our archival quality HEAVY DUTY FILING BOXES are designed not only to organize your music, but also to add a dimension of quality and long life found in no other filing boxes. These boxes are the standard in the music industry for music filing - due to their superior craftsmanship, practicality and attractive appearance.
  • These boxes are built from 1/8”-thick acid-free chipboard, which helps protect them from mildew. The HEAVY DUTY FILING BOX is covered on the front, back and bottom with the finest black gusset cloth.
  • The HEAVY DUTY FILING BOX is fitted with heavy-duty riveted leather pull-tabs for ease in pulling the boxes forward, making the contents readily available.  There are triangular cut-outs on both sides of each box for easy access to the contents.
  • A white adhesive label is supplied with each box for convenient marking of the contents. Extra labels are available when changing the contents for different music.
  • Matching lids (sold separately) are available for all of these boxes. The lids help keep dust out of the box and also add to the finished look of the box.
  • There are five widths of the HEAVY DUTY FILING BOX available in the CHORAL size (7.5" high x 11.25" deep.) Those widths are 1.25", 2", 3", 4" and 5".
  • There are three widths of the HEAVY DUTY FILING BOX available in the SHEET MUSIC size (9.5" high x 12.75" deep.) Those widths are 1.25", 3", and 5".