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1. How can I place an order with Gamble Music?

                There are four ways:

                                1. Order on our website:  www.gamblemusic.com

                                2. Fax us:  800-421-3153

                                3. Mail your order to Gamble Music, 2401 S. Leavitt Street, Chicago, IL 60608

                                4. Email your order to gamblemusicchicago@gmail.com


2. Does Gamble Music accept Purchase Orders?
                Yes.  Please mail them or submit them to gamblemusicchicago@gmail.com. 

3. Can I request a printed invoice if I purchase on your Website?
                 Yes: but there is no need for a special request.  An invoice is included in each shipment.

4. Can Gamble Music provide a quote before I place an order?                               

Yes: just send us an email (gamblemusicchicago@gmail.com) or fax (800-421-3153) requesting a quote.  Be sure to include model names and quantities for each item, and your shipping address so that we can estimate shipping.


Gamble Music is anxious to have the best Customer Service in every respect; if you have any constructive suggestions as to how we can improve our Customer Service, please feel free to contact us by email. We strive to be the best we can be and we thank you for your suggestions and feedback. Our customers are most important to us, and we appreciate your business.